sayuri tomishiki
Sayuri Tomishikis fighting her father

Sayuri Tomishiki (さゆり) is main character of extinction the book. she tells the story of her life duing the end of china town.


Sayuri appearance is like a gothic emo girl wearing all black. she never wears light colors. she is seen to have blue eye when happy, red when mad, dark blue when sad, and black when hungry. she is usually wearing a black tank top, stutted belt, converse (black), black eyeliner, and dark blue skinny the begining of the story she is wearing a black dress with dark blue stutted diamonds.

her face expersion is usually a frown when she is seen. yet she smiles when she is talked to or happy. Zero(Susake) is the one who can make her smile whenever he feels like it. Sayuri is always alone when home but is annoyed by her younger sister Rani Tomishiki. her mother Meliena Tomishiki annoyes her with her over protectiveness.